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5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out This Fringe Show

If you are unfamiliar with the likes of sketch comedy, this show may just completely put you to the test. A Completely Normal Sketch Show is your stock standard, conventional sketch comedy… kind of. Presented by the University Dramatic Society, the 50-minute comedic show takes a step back from the norm and asks you to explore the hidden layers within. Following a space-time continuum, with a few cheeky references to Hitler and the origin of the Swastika, you hardly need convincing to check it out. But just in case you do, I chatted with one of the director’s, Ben McAllister, and came up with a few compelling reasons.

#1 It’s (Somewhat) Easy To Follow

It’s no surprise that theatre isn’t for everyone. Between the twisted plot lines and the character love triangles, it can often be hard to follow particular shows. However, this is not the case with A Completely Normal Sketch Show. The entertaining fifty-minute work is similar to the likes of stand-up comedy, with the addition of a plot (that’s really not too hard to follow). So if you’re one of the many that finds it hard to keep up with theatre, but is keen to have a laugh, then it’s highly likely that this is the show for you.

“We think this show is pretty accessible to people who wouldn’t normally check out comedy shows. Even if you’re not a particularly literary person, you’re bound to have a laugh.”

#2 It’s Not Your Normal Kind Of Sketch Show

While it may be easily consumed comedy, A Completely Normal Sketch Show is in fact anything but normal. Without giving too much away, the idea is that the purpose behind the title will become clear a few minutes into the show. This particular show features comedy that comes from historical call backs and references to things that have happened before – a rare find in sketch comedy.

“It’s safe to say the description of the title is completely tongue in cheek. But the funny stuff will definitely be there for those who look for it. Despite the fact that the sketches are all different, it’s got a consistent feel and tone, which makes it really fun and enjoyable. We’ve tried to make use of that call-back comedy thing, and it really works.”

#3 It’s UDS’ First Fringe Show

UDS has a long-standing tradition of performing sketch shows in the UWA tavern in the first semester of uni. So when the dramatic society initially signed up for Fringe, they figured sketch comedy was the perfect format to transplant to Fringe World.

“Sketch comedy is so much fun. It’s a good way to bring new writers in and get new people involved. This particular show was written by four very talented writers who worked on each others sketches, so the writing throughout is really uniform.”

#4 It’s Also Part Of The UDS Centenary

The University Dramatic Society dates back to the early days of university, when lecturers and students would meet in the lecture halls and perform readings of plays. These meetings quickly turned into traditions where members of the club would join up and put on plays and other performances for an audience. Up until the late 90’s, members performed established works along the lines of Shakespeare and contemporary Australian. They eventually went from parodying pop-culture to performing original and self-written plays.

It should be mentioned that this is the oldest theatre organisation in the state.

“UDS officially began in 1917, marking 2017 it’s offical centenary year. So to celebrate the end of it’s centenary season, UDS decided to take part in Fringe for the first time.” If these guys can survive two world wars, they sure must have a good sense of humour.

#5 It’s A Good Way To Kick Off Your Fringe Binge

The show is being performed in the upstairs of The Brisbane Hotel at Lazy Susan’s. Not only is it in the prime location to kick of your ‘Fringe Binge’, but it’s also scored a convenient time slot of 2:30PM. Grab a few friends, a table and some drinks and prepare yourselves for some completely normal sketches.

A Completely Normal Sketch Show will be showing on the 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th of February.

Tickets to the show are $20 for general or $12 for UDS members and you can buy them here.