Your Cringe-Free Guide To Valentines Day

It’s the only day of the year that we have this love-hate relationship with. While those in love tend to get swept up in the fluffy toys and red roses, the other half spend the day in misery, avoiding any celebration of the kind. But whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day with your guy friend, girl friend or four-legged friend, I’ve come up with a few cringe-free ways to help get you through the day.

Roses Die, But Donuts Fill The Heart

Forget forking out fifty dollars on a bunch of red roses that won’t make it to the end of the week. The geniuses at MOP Donuts have come up with a ‘Donut Bouquet’. Ten of their delicious donuts all dressed up like a bunch of roses, but edible. Although the chances of these lasting longer than a fresh bunch of flowers may be slim…

Forget Fifty Shades

Single or taken, nobody needs to sit through a whole ninety-minutes of Mr Grey and his accomplice Anastasia. Instead, pack a picnic and take your partner in crime along to see The Greatest Showman at the Moonlight Outdoor Cinema. A limited number of Bean Beds are available but highly recommended to make your night even more relaxed.

Fringe Binge

Just incase you needed yet another excuse to get around Fringe World 2018, why not check out a show. Start off at Noodle Palace for a few drinks and see where the night takes you. There’s a few comedy shows targeted at Valentine’s Day that are sure to make you laugh so hard you pee your pants. You can check the shows out here. And if you’re feeling up to letting out your inner child I highly recommend you take a look at PlaySpace.

Swipe Right At The Aviary

What could be better than spending your Valentine’s Day night on a rooftop bar with a live DJ, cheap drinks and free entry? The Aviary is hosting their annual V-Day bash, and they’re promising some serious match-making and super likes. But if you’re not looking for love, then I’d suggest heading along for the drink specials and city view.


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