PlaySpace Perth 2018

Taking it’s name from it’s location, PlaySpace is a physical theatre work that invites you to come and play.

Presented by Good Moves, this talented group of local movers and performers are participating in their first ever Fringe show. Run by tertiary trained teacher and choreographer, McKenze Goldsmith, Good Moves is an eclectic arts company that produce improvisational and site specific works. Performers and creators involved include McKenzie Goldsmith, Georgia Conto, Stacy Teuber, Samanda Sankowsky, Hanna Maciejewski, and Amy Sheperdson, as well as two guest artists, Hillary Goldsmith and Eve Newton-Johnson.

This particular show is centred around the site at The Cultural Centre in Perth’s CBD. The Play Space has a profusion of instruments such as chimes, beaters melodic drums and a series of interconnected talking tubes. All of these which help to create the soundscape for the performance.

Be wowed at the use of objects like stilts, spinning wheels and rocks, and let your inner child come out to play and join in the fun.

The show provokes the audience to catch, spot and slot in with the artists. But be quick, they move so fast you may need to look again.



PlaySpace Perth will be performing at The Cultural Centre ‘PlaySpace’ on the 14th, 16th, 17th and 18th of February from 7PM.

For more details on this free event, check out their Facebook page.

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