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Noodle Palace Is Back For 2018

Get excited Perth, because Noodle Palace is back for it’s biggest event ever. It’s going to be so big they had to change venues. Forget partying on the rooftop of Central TAFE, this year Jumpclimb is bringing the Palace to Perth’s own Elizabeth Quay.

But before you get all nostalgic over the sweaty nights spent up close and personal with complete strangers on a rooftop, you should probably know that this new venue boasts one heck of a double-decker sky bar, so you can take in the views of our pretty city without copping an elbow to the face.

Of course a bigger venue calls for a bigger line up, so it only seemed fitted that the opening weekend was filled with some of the most exciting names to hit Perth’s music scene this year. Kicking off the opening night on Friday the 19th is Sydney’s own Basenji, followed by Brisbane producer Young Franco on Saturday the 20th. And on Sunday’s we rest with the chilled-out vibes in the custom-built hanging lounge garden.

Feral Brewery will be setting up their iconic Palace Bar and supplying us with $8 cans to quench only the thirsty of thirsts, while Bao Wow, What The Cluck, and Gary’s Diner will be a few of the food vendors feeding our hangry faces. 

A must-see act for thrill seekers involving an intense sonic performance from Séance that lasts for 15 minutes will be held in the Palace’s front garden. It all starts inside a pitch-black shipping container, and its recommended you bring your sixth sense (and maybe a change of underwear?).

And of course Noodle Palace just wouldn’t be complete without an event from Banana Social and Season’s who are bringing their Australia Day Party to the Palace. 

For more info and what’s on when check out the official Noodle Palace website

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