What You’ll Be Eating (And Drinking) In 2018

It looks like kale, kimchi and coconut water are so 2017. Popular American Grocer, Whole Foods recently tapped into its global buyers and experts to determine the food trends for 2018, and it’s recommended you hoard your taco shells!!

1. Floral Flowers

It seems that piping hot lattes with a side of pretty flowers are all the go for 2018. We’ll be seeing an increase of edible flowers such as lavender, rose and hibiscus being included in lattes, granolas, marshmallows and of course Instagram posts! The American grocer has named elderflower as their MVP (Most Valuable Petal).

2. Powders

If you’ve been brunching around Perth this year, the phrase ‘matcha latte’ is nothing unfamiliar to your ears. Next year we can expect to see powders like matcha, maca root, cacao and ground turmeric included in everything from baked goods to soups and even nutrition bars. The taste is certainly an acquired one, but your body will reap the benefits.

3. Mushrooms

You either love or hate this little Fun-guy, either way this vegetable is not going anywhere in 2018. In fact, it’s changing up its function. It’s rumored that we will be seeing varieties such as ‘reishi’ and ‘chaga’ (commonly used as ‘wellness ingredients’) appear in beverages like coffee and tea as well as body products like soaps and body washes. Holy Shitake!!

4. Middle Eastern Cuisine

For the love of Hummus!! Next year we can expect to see the Middle Eastern fare hit the mainstream market in a big way. But sadly this isn’t to do with hummus or falafels. While the core products will still be very much available, we’re expected to see an increase in spices such as harissa, cardamom and za’atar. It’s safe to say this will definitely spice things up in 2018.

5. Transparency

It looks like the food market in 2018 will be a heck of a lot clearer with consumers gaining additional information about their food. It has been reported that from next year, manufactures will be filling their food labels with more information. Some of the changes we’re expected to see on labels are whether or not a product is GMO-free, responsibly grown and part of fair trade.

6. Plant-based Products

It looks like vegans and vegetarians won’t be the only consumers of plant-based foods next year. Better food technology is working on making plant-based foods more appealing to meat and dairy eaters, so you and your vegan friend will be able to enjoy your ‘plant-based burger’ and nut ‘milk’ together. If that isn’t bonding, I don’t know what is!

7. Pop And Puff

Thankfully, this has no link to rice bubbles, so snap, crackle and pop are still very much safe. In 2018 there will be a new way of processing and combining ingredients. Puffed, popped and drying of ingredients will see some extremely bizarre combinations of food come together and surprise your taste buds. Think along the lines of Quinoa Chocolate Chips and Pea Crisps, healthy AND tasty!

8. Shell-less Tacos

Before you go stocking up on Taco shells, please read on. There is certainly no global shortage of Taco’s, in fact it seems that the world is loving taco’s so much they’ve created an alternate version. It has been reported that Tacos eaten at all times of the day are going to be the norm. Chefs will be pushing boundaries on what can be used as a wrapper AND filling for the Mexican treat. Dessert taco anyone??

9. Less Food Waste Is More

We’re all guilty of wasting good food, especially manufactures. But 2018 simply has no room for food waste. Next year, manufacturers will aim to use every part of a plant or animal, to help eliminate the waste, including the stems and the rinds. Pickled watermelon rinds are just one example of what we can expect to see next year.

10. Carbonation

With the no-sugar trend hitting the market globally, consumers are shying away from soft drinks and are instead turning to low-sugar alternatives. 2018 will see sparkling drinks like water or cold brew coffee increase their popularity significantly.

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