Smashed Avocado Price Drop

Looks like Gen Y may now be able to afford smashed avo with a side of a mortgage.

Reports from Avocados Australia recently indicated the industry is expected to produce over 70,000 tonnes in the 2017/18 financial year.

This record avocado harvest is set to drive the price of the humble green fruit down for both manufacturers and consumers.

The spike in avocado prices in 2016 saw some retailers selling the fruit for an outrageous $6 each.

However, with an increase of avocado plantations (particularly in WA), it is highly unlikely we will be paying that much again.

The sudden price drop comes after avocado growers in New Zealand reported increasing theft of the product in 2017.

The New Zealand Avocado Growers Association reported that this year, the country’s avocado reached its highest ever value, just shy of two million dollars.

Chief Executive Officer of Avocados Australia, John Tyas said there are no signs of avocado growth slowing down.

“We have seen growth in Australian avocado production year on year for a couple of decades”, Tyas said.

Mr Tyas also commended the varying use of avocados.

“The marketing efforts have gone into encouraging people to use avocados at lots of different meal occasions,” Tyas said.