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Australia’s Best Secret Beaches

There is absolutely no doubt that Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. But quite often one may find the crowds at Bondi Beach simply overwhelming, with swarms of tourists disregarding the locals while stealing their favorite patch of sand. This summer, we recommend you pack your car (and sun screen) and explore some of the hidden beaches around your state. All we ask is that you keep these on the down-low.

Bailey Beach, Perth

While Perth may be the world’s most isolated city, it’s home to some of the world’s best beaches. Bailey Beach is one of Perth’s best-kept secrets. Just south of Mettam’s Pool, this beach is the perfect spot for snorkeling (provided the conditions are calm, of course). With a few small stretches of sand nestled amongst the cliffs, you’ll have no problem finding a spot all to yourself.

Kutti Beach, Sydney

Hidden the eastern suburb of Vaucluse, Kutti Beach is definitely on the hush. Located between Parsley Bay and Gibsons beach, Kutti Beach is accessable via a very narrow, white-painted wood stairwell. This secluded seaside is one of the few dog beaches in Sydney, meaning there is a very high chance you’ll get to see a puppy. Paradise awaits.

Point King Beach, Victoria

Tucked away below Portsea’s array of mansions is Point King Beach. Located around an hours drive from Melbourne’s CBD, this seaside gem boasts flat beaches with calm waters. Getting there may be the hardest part, but the serenity makes it totally worth it. Once you’ve reached the end Point King Road, you’ll find a hidden path leading to wooden stairs that will take you down to Point King Beach. Find a spot, lay out your towel, and enjoy the tranquility.

Froggy’s Beach, Brisbane

This pocket of sand is wedged between Snapper Rocks and Point Danger, and is one of the most mind-blowing hidden beaches that Australia’s varied coastline has to offer. The cove is protected from the wind by the surrounding hills, making windburn a thing of the past. The little patch of paradise is small enough for you to avoid having to share it with too many others. While you’re there, take a few snaps – the contrast of colours between the rocks and the water makes for a great Instagram shot.

Hazards Beach, Tasmania

Trust us when we say that unlike the name suggests, this beach is far from hazardous. Located on the east coast of Tasmania, Hazards Beach consists of nothing other than a pristine strip of white sand, sapphire shallows and secluded coves. The only other occupiers around the area are the starfish and sea snails hidden within the rock pools, but we promise they wont disturb your serenity.


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