Ideal Second Date Spots

Second dates are often more dreaded than the first. They’re that awkward stage where neither of you are sure if you’re into it or not, and quite often they can be pretty stressful to plan. Thankfully you can take a little pressure off the planning and focus on the date, because I’ve come up with some of the best second date ideas around Perth.

Bar Hopping

If alcohol brings out your confidence, why not bar hop around the CBD with your date. It’s full of watering holes like Frisk, Sneaky Tony’s, The Flour Factory, The Standard and plenty more, all sure to make your second date one to remember.

Perth CBD


This little neighbourhood bar located in the heart of Mt Lawley is great way to spend a second date. Beside the fact that they’ve got a different special on pretty much every night of the week, it’s always busy, so you can avoid any awkward silent pauses.

566 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley

Varsity Bar 

While some of us may try, eating burgers with grace and poise just isn’t a thing. Get your hands around a juicy beef burger, chicken wings and loaded fries and bond over the mess you make when eating one of Varsity’s American style burgers. If you’re both into sports than you’ll love this bar even more.

Broadway Fair, 88 Broadway, Crawley

Adventure Golf

If you’re one of the few individuals that can get through a game of mini golf without losing your $#!* trying to get a tiny ball into an even tinier hole, then mini golf is the perfect second date spot. Loser buys drinks at The Reveley post-tournament.

Eastern Promenade, 901 Riverside Dr, Perth

Ten-Pin Bowling

Although bowling shoes aren’t always the most flattering, ten-pin bowling is easily the most fun you’ll have on a second date while looking completely ridiculous at the same time. And with it’s laid back vibes, Rosemeount Bowl is the perfect place to show your real athletic side.

464 Fitzgerald St, North Perth

Cosy Cafes

Why not get to know each other over a cup of hot coffee. There’s plenty of cafes now offering up chill vibes with a side of comfort, so you can avoid any awkward second date silence. To find the full list of the best cosy cafes in Perth click here.



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