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5 Things To Do This Winter

If you were one of the few unlucky people that didn’t manage to get your hands on a dirty cheap flight to Europe and you’re stuck in Perth this Winter, don’t start your Netflix subscription just yet. For a small state, we sure do pack a lot in, so grab your friends (the one’s who didn’t jet off to Paris) and get out of the house this Winter (while there’s still some sun).

Skating At Elizabeth Quay

Grab your skates, scarves and skivvies, because you’re about to hit the ice. Our very own Lizzy Quay will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland this July. Not only will there be an open air ice-skating rink and an ice slide, this attraction is also said to have falling snow, so you can finally build a snowman.

Good Food & Wine Show

In case you missed it last year, The Good Food & Wine Show is gracing Perth with its presence once again. Discover new food, wine and produce and watch celebrity chefs do their thing on stage as well as participate in educational masterclasses. Try some smelly cheese, sip on some smooth red wine and learn pizza tips from the professionals. This event is not to be missed!

Brookfield Winter Lights Festival

The Brookfield Winter Lights Festival is back for its fifth year, and it’s brighter than ever. The event will be taking over Brookfield Place with light installations, projects, exhibitions and performances by local and international artists. Ths year’s event is rumoured to have a real-time animated Avatar tracking and mimicking the movement of a lucky spectator. For more info check out their website.

Free Bike Hire

The good folk at Little Creatures are offering bike rentals free of charge, so you can hop on your bike and explore the city of Fremantle for the day. There’s heaps of cycle trails around depending on how physically fit you’re feeling. Then after all that peddling around, return your bike and reward yourself with an ice cold beer, brewed on site.

Grab A Ho-Cho

Why not spend a cold winter night catching up with an old friend over a cup of hot coco. From coverture chocolate to choc mint and even bounty, the ho-cho combinations are endless! To find out where to get Perth’s best hot chocolate click here.


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