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15 Snacks You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In The 90’s

Ahhh the 90’s. A time before ‘Netflix & chill’, when boy-bands were cool, platform sneakers were in and Cheeze TV was the first thing you watched in the morning before school. A time when avocado was best served up in a salad sandwich from the canteen, and birthday parties were held at McDonanalds.

If you were one of the lucky few to grew up in the 90’s then you’ll remember just how good childhood really was. Before PB sandwiches were banned from school lunchboxes, and Gluten Free wasn’t even a thing, after school snacks were the best part of any kid’s day. So take a trip down memory lane and reminisce over some of the best snacks from the 90’s.

The 6 Pack Cereal Box

A different cereal for each day of the week. This pack contained Coco Pops, Fruit Loops, Frosties, Rice Bubbles, Nutri Grain and Corn Flakes, and I’m pretty certain that I’m not alone when I say I was one of those kids that carefully opened each box along the perforated lines, removed the cereal and played around with my mini wardrobe cereal box before school.


If you never had a pack of Dunkaroo’s nestled in your lunchbox as a kid, then you need to go to Coles and buy a box of these ASAP. Grab a biscuit roo and dunk him into the choc-hazelnut dip. The biscuit-dip ratio still gets me to this day.


If these round chocolate malt snacks weren’t in your lunch box, they were sold at the canteen, so you could grab a snack pack and sit in class sucking on the chocolatey goodness.


After much anticipation, 2017 has seen the return of Cadbury’s own chocolate Yowie’s, and they’re still as good as they were in the 90’s. For those of you that weren’t fortunate enough to try a Yowie, think Kinder Surprise but better, way better. There were six chocolate characters, shaped like mythical Aussie creatures, all with a small toy inside. What more could a kid want?


You were deemed one of the cool kids if you were seen with a green packet of these hazelnut filled wheat treats. But sadly these lunchbox snacks vanished from supermarkets around Australia in the 2000’s.

Vegemite Snackabouts

For all of the yeast-extract flavoured fans, Kraft brought out Vegemite snackabouts that were the perfect recess snack. No need to ration out your vegemite though, the cracker was an ideal size and thickness. They also brought out a PB flavor for the vegemite haters (#unaustralian).

Le Snack

This cheese/biscuit combo was one of the best lunch box snacks around, but the lack of cheese was almost always an issue. One thing I never understood was those kids that ate the sesame seed crackers separately to the cheese…

Bertie Beetle

The only show bag you were allowed to take home from the Royal Show was the Bertie Beetle Bag, coming in hot at a low $1.

Pizza Singles & Pizza Rounds

One of the best Canteen lunches was the pizza singles and pizza rounds. Doughy, cheesy goodness that made any kid’s day.

Potato Smiles

Also referred to as Smiley’s, these potato joys were a crowd pleaser at kid’s birthday parties. Load them up with tomato sauce and squish the potato through your teeth.

Fairy Bread

Whoever thought bread, butter and hundreds & thousands could be such a game changer. Technically not a snack you’d find at the supermarket, but with only 3 ingredients, how could you not include Fairy Bread as one of your fave childhood snacks.


The bubble gum nose was probably the only reason anyone bought Bubble O’Bill ice creams.

Go Gurt

In the summertime these were best kept in the freezer and eaten as frozen yoghurt icey-poles. These yoghurt tubes were a necessity in any kid’s lunchbox.

Peter’s Vanilla Icecream In A Tub

Back when Peter’s ruled the ice cream isle, their mini vanilla ice cream tubs were the perfect afterschool snack on a hot summers day.

Paddle Pops

Thankfully these are still around, but the OG Rainbow Paddle Pops from the 90’s tasted somewhat less artificial than they do now.

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