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& Cafe By Mobilia

If you’re like most caffeine addicts, you share a strong bond with your barista. They know how you take your coffee, from the size of the takeaway cup to the type of milk you prefer. Heck, they probably even know you on a first name basis. Well Susan flat-white-with-one, it’s time you and your barista took a break, because there’s a new kid on the block and his coffee is like liquid gold.

img_0090.jpgSitting pretty on Stirling Highway in Claremont you’ll find this neat coffee joint, Mobilia. Opening its doors only two months ago, owner Michael Fazzari is bringing good coffee and amazing furniture to the people of Claremont.

The mother-son duo opened the café part of the furniture showroom as a relaxed environment for people to come in, take a seat, and sip on a perfectly blended cup of coffee surrounded by amazing furniture.

“Initially when we opened here, the café was going to be much bigger than it is now. But we wanted it to be more intimate, so we decided to keep it small” said Michael.

IMG_0091 “We get the same 5 or 6 customers in the morning that come in for their coffee, it’s like their little escape before the daily grind” he said.

In terms of the house blend coffee, you can expect an Italian style dark roast from Northbridge coffee roasters. Trust me when I say it goes down smoother than a glass of red wine on a Friday night.

If you’re after something to pair with your espresso, the cannoli here are made locally by a friend of a friend, so they’re as traditional as they come. But if you happen to pass by around lunch time, there’s continental rolls aplenty, with fillings like eggplant and tomato that have come straight out of the owners grandmother’s garden.


Once you’ve had your morning brew and browsed through the furniture showroom secretly wishing you could take home that monkey lamp, make sure you check out the blue and white mural by local artist Lucas Grogan featured on the outside wall.

312 Stirling Hwy, Claremont

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