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5 Donuts You Need To Get Your Hands On NOW.

To celebrate the opening of the second Mop Donut store in Perth, it only seems fair to bring you the mother of all lists: Where to find Perth’s Best Donuts. Let the salivating begin.

Mary Street Bakery

Now onto their fourth store, Perthian’s cannot get enough of the glazed goods from local favourite, Mary Street Bakery. While their salted caramel has been the star of the donut show for years, they’ve recently brought a newbie to the scene: Coffee Choc Custard. Good luck trying to share this one.

Chu Bakery

This bakery can do no wrong. Sitting pretty in Highgate, Chu bakery pumps out their traditional donuts on the regular. While they may look larger than life, they’re amazingly soft, light and fluffy, so you’ll end up eating a few on the way home. But for something a little different, the Cherry Chu classic jam donut is sure to fill the hole (pun intended).

Top Dup

For centuries (read:years) Top Dup has been supplying local cafes with their delicious artisan donuts, and the people of Perth are certainly not complaining. Finally they’ve opened their own bakery where you can buy donuts by the dozen until your heart is content. Shout outs go to their famed choc honeycomb filled doughies, but for something just as good, their PB&J is like something straight from the US.

MOP Donuts

The geniuses behind MOP donuts have brought us something unimaginable. Donuts with an ingredient so secret you need an ID to purchase one. These soft and pudgy balls of dough are flavoured with all kinds of delicious elixirs, like espresso martini, Baileys and even Gin. But the fun doesn’t stop there. MOP also serve up donut burgers and ‘tipsy icecream’ as well as boozy shakes to wash it all down. When’s cheat day?

Levi’s Doughnuts

No donut list would be complete without a special mention of Levi’s Doughnuts. You’ve probably scoffed down one of these bad boys at the Fremantle Markets without even knowing, they’re that good. Made fresh on site in front of your eyes, if the smell doesn’t lure you in then something is definitely up.



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