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Ideal First Date Spots

So you swiped right and got a match and now you’re on the hunt for that perfect first date spot. Well fear not, while Perth may be notorious for it’s small size (there’s a high chance you’ll have mutual friends) it’s got a heap of great places that will make your first date less awkward. As for the conversation flow, i’ll leave that up to you.

The Blue Flamingo

The Blue Flamingo has taken over the old Leederville Hotel, and they’ve transformed the heck out of it. The vibe here is everything Mexican, so when the conversation gets a little awkward you can order a few tacos and debate over your love/hate for coriander. And if the date’s going really well, a serve of their “dirty nachos” can go a long way. Share a mojito cocktail jug or order your own daiquiri, the drinks menu has got it going on (in case your date doesn’t).

742 Newcastle St, Leederville

Il Lido

If you share a common love for all things vino, then this is place to meet your (possible) soul mate. Besides the stellar wine list, you’ll have uninterrupted views of Cottesloe Beach (that is if you can take your eyes off each other). Start off with an antipasti selection, then enjoy a bowl of house made pasta, just try not to have a “Lady And The Tramp” type moment. And in case the night spirals in awkward direction, you can always chat to the person seated next to you at the communal tables.

88 Marine Parade, Cottesloe

Mechanics Institute

For a small bar, Mechanics Institute packs a punch. Whether you chose to sit outside on the rooftop and admire our pretty city, or get cosy on the couches inside, sinking one too many of Tommy’s Margarita’s, the vibe here is always pretty laid back. And when you start to feel a little more comfortable with your other half, order a burger from Flipside and try to down it as pleasantly as possible, avoiding dripping burger juice at all costs.

Rear 222 William St, Northbridge

Little Creatures

If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that any kind of awkward situation can be avoided when there’s beer. And at Little Creatures you’ll find beer aplenty, as well as ciders, spirits and of course wine. If you manage to find a seat, take a peak at the menu, share a few dishes or go crazy and grab a main. The big brewery vibe is best enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon, and if your date turns out to be a flop, you can kick on with your mates at The Cottesloe Beach Hotel.

40 Mews Rd, Fremantle

El Publico

Mexican feasts are the way to (almost) everyone’s heart. And El Publico know just how to put on a spread. The lighting here is first date quality, and it’s always buzzing, so you’re guaranteed to have a decent night – even if your date turns out to be a total catfish! Start at the bar and quaff a few margaritas or try their tequila with freshly squeezed apple juice, then grab a seat and take a peak at their menu. While pretty much everything on the menu is “Muy Bien”, we highly recommend their tacos. The real deal breaker here will be how many taco’s your mystery date can put away.

511 Beaufort St, Highgate

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