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Clean Eating Stores Your Body Will Thank You For

So your 2017 New Years resolution’s to get healthy were kind of a flop. Don’t worry, I hear you. Sometimes life happens and although you try, it can be hard to find that balance between tacos and kale. But it’s all about compromise. We guarantee after you check out these clean food stores you’ll be letting your inner hippie shine.

Natures Harvest

You’ve probably seen these guys on Instagram. They serve up some of the meanest acai bowls in Perth, as well as buckwheat pancakes, fresh juices and a range of raw sweet treats. Located on Napoleon Street in Claremont, Natures Harvest has got your guilt-free goodies covered. Once you’ve ordered a takeaway juice, stroll through the store and pick up some organic soap, a few bottles of Kombucha and maybe even some vegan cheese (you wouldn’t even know it’s animal-free). If you’re feeling game, grab a turmeric latte with coconut milk to go. You’ll be back for the take home bag.

20 Napoleon St, Cottesloe

The Source Bulkfoods

The Source is one of those places you come out of with a bag full of goodies and an empty wallet. You may be a little overwhelmed when you first enter the store and notice rows of white buckets with clear lids and metal scoops. But it’s actually a lot fun once you get the hang of it. Take a lap of the store and suss out what’s on offer, then grab a brown paper bag and fill it with a few hundred grams of organic chocolate coated strawberries, write the number on it and take it to the counter. Too easy. While you’re there make sure you get a tub of freshly churned coconut peanut butter. It’s great on bagels.

The Park Centre, 40/789 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park

The Clean Food Store

Sitting pretty on Nicholson Road in Subiaco is the Clean Food Store. And boy is it clean. After you’ve ordered an organic hot chocolate with coconut milk and an organic chocolate brownie take a lap of the store. You’ll find barrels of maple syrup, rice malt syrup, coconut oil and even organic honey. They’ve got a huge range of bake-at-home mixes like chocolate beetroot muffins, museli power bars and savoury muffins, so you can take home some healthy. And they’ve got a few bulk goodies like mixed nuts, dried mango cheeks and organic chocolate covered licorice. There’s a high chance you’ll go home with half the shop.

214A Nicholson Rd, Subiaco

Angry Almond

This health food grocer is tucked away on the quite end of Rokeby road, so finding parking is no issue. The store is small but packs a punch. It’s ideal if you’ve decided to bake for the nation and need those hard-to-find ingredients like tapioca flour or corn puffs. You can fill your plastic bags with all types of goodies from cereals and grains to dried fruit, glazed fruit, nuts, rices, snacks and gluten free treats. There’s even confectionary (organic of course). If you’re lucky you might even get a free tote bag for your next visit.

3/325 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco

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