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Food Trucks You Need To Follow NOW.

If there’s one thing i’m certain about it’s that food from a tiny truck tastes 10x better than any kind of restaurant offering. And boy are we spoilt for choice in Perth. It’s safe to say that Perth’s food truck scene has turned up the heat in recent years and we could not be happier. To hunt down your favourite food truck check out their Facebook pages.

Gary’s Diner

For all your big burger eats, we suggest you hunt down Gary’s Diner. The buns are glossy and the meat is perfectly juicy. The house dill mayo is the perfect sauce to compliment, and the pickle/cheese/lettuce ratio is so beyond perfect you’ll be singing high praises. Don’t skimp on those curly fries, you’ll want to order your own as these are not suitable for sharing.

The Fish Boss

Nothing fishy going on here …except of course the menu. Perth’s own fish and chip food truck is bringing the best of the ocean to your plate. Serving up 100% Aussie seafood you can expect only the best fish and prawn tacos, sliders, fish and chips and more. It’s the perfect seafood truck on wheels.

Comida do Sul

These guys pretty much lead the food truck revolution with their Brazilian delights. And you can even hire them out for parties. Their menu will make you feel like you’ve been teleported to the streets of Brazil, with dishes like coxinha – crispy mashed potato and spiced shredded chicken and the more traditional black beans and rice. The hand painted truck has now got a brother, so tasting the flavours of Brazil just got easier.

Eat No Evil

This Mexican food truck will have you stuffing your face and feeling good at the same time. The guys here are all about fresh, healthy and ‘sexy’ food. Think hot and sour chicken lollipops, spicy tuna tostadas, crispy tumeric wafers with grapefruit and so much more. The best part about this funky food truck? It’s all 100% guilt free!

What The Flip (WTF)

WTF is WTF? This food truck will change your life. The guys here churn out crepes and bagels like it aint no-thang! You can expect fully loaded crepes of all kinds, like the Banana Man – sliced banana, salted caramel and crushed nuts, or Ya Bacon Me Crazy – bacon and Canadian maple syrup. The hardest part will be deciding which one to miss out on.

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